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Flax Genome Theory

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Gene Color Codes

Genes are expressed by Revelation Solvents as a series of colors, which are abbreviated to a single letter. These colors are sometimes the same and sometimes different between tales. Tale 8 colors for flax genes and their mappings to earlier tales are as follows (determined by sequencing Jacob's Field and comparing to the known genome from Tale 7):

Tale8 Tale7 Tale6
(A)mber A G
(P)ink G R
Blac(K) K -
(I)ndigo I O
(T)urquoise M Y
(R)ed W K


A default rate is the amount when the genome length is zero. Defaults are believed to be as follows:

Default Value
Weed Steps1 5
Weed and Water Steps 0
Seed yield per harvest step 0
Flax yield 0
Rotten flax yield 0
High-Nitrogen Resistance No
Low-Nitrogen Resistance No

1ATATAT and IP are the phenomes to reduce number of weedings. Nile Green has 3 IP and one ATATAT and requires 1 weeding. Old Egypt has 3 IP and requires 2 weedings.

The following proof is from an earlier telling (these genomes probably haven't changed other than substituting new gene colors for old):

Proofs: Ariella #131 Nile Green(left)/Nile Green(right) cross KORGRGYGYGYGRGY-RYYRGROYYORRK -O 
Added one extra weed to Nile Green when 1 of the 3 OR was subtracted.
Ariella #8 Old Egypt(left)/Nile Green(right) cross KRYYOGYGYORR/GYGYGRGYORYYRGROYYORRK
Yielded 2 weedings and 2 Flax. Old T3 theory said (amount of flax or GYGY) - 1. This had 3 OR and 2 GYGY 
but still 2 weedings not 1 weeding.

Known T8 Gene Sets

  • +1 Seed PI
  • -1 Weeding IP - Minimum seems to be 1 Weed Tending
  • +1 Flax ATAT
  • +1 Rotten Flax PPAT
  • +1 Water and -1 Weed ATATAT
  • PIT provides resistance to high nitrogen levels. Nitrogen level of 100 -> Flax Seeds without PIT give flax, Nitrogen level of 120 -> Flax seeds without PIT give no flax, with 1 x PIT give flax. Nitrogen level of 300 the same.
  • API provides resistance to low nitrogen levels (below 92).
  • APIT thus provides resistance to both high and low nitrogen levels.

Jacob's Field Anomaly

The above rules are not sufficient to yield the behavior of Jacob's Field and Nile Green strains. Jacob's Field requires 6 weedings, the default is believed to be 5, and none of the above give +1 Weed. Based on the above, Nile Green should require 1 weeding but in actuality requires 2.

Comparing the genomes of the various standard strains, I notice the sequence TP appears once in Jacob's Field, once in Nile Green, twice in Old Egypt, and nowhere in any of the other strains. I theorize that TP causes +1 Weed to be required, except another TP will cancel out the first (acting as both +1 and -1 Weed). My cross-breeding tests with Jacob's Field, Nile Green, and Old Dog so far support this theory but are not yet conclusive. --Ashen

Tale 10, I used a mutagen to damage the "TP" genome in Jacob's Field. Instead of 6 weedings, the flax only required 5 weedings. This supports the theory that TP adds one weeding to the flax tends. --Peacefulness

Looking at further simulated results, it may be possible that, only one TP adds one weeding. It is still cancelled by a second TP. A third TP does not return it to +1 weeding. Instead of being evaluated as an even or odd number of TPs, it may be that any number of TP sequences greater than one will cancel out the additional weeding.

Genome Size Theory

Genome size was limited as of Tale 6 verified by talking to teppy - Ariella

Genome size can have one gene removed to decrease the genome size by 1 gene or a gene duplicated at the splice point to increase the genome size by 1 gene. Please see the page on Genetics for Dummies.

"Starter" Flax

At the beginning of each Tale, there are eight strains of flax available. Their genomes are listed on the Genomes page.

This is a visualization of where the gene strings are located in each strain of flax. If you would like to add your own crossbred varieties, please contact Peacefulness in-game or on Discord. The spreadsheet below is also available at https://tinyurl.com/y56rjdc6