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Weight 1
Bulk 1

Some of the simplest Tools are assembled from Flint.


Flint is a hard stone found randomly while collecting Clay. Roughly 10% of the time, gathering clay will additionally yield a piece of flint.

  • Note There is also a chance of finding a hoard of flint and gaining a larger amount.


Building Count Verified
Flint Chisel 4
Skill/Flint Knapping/0 7 ?
Skill/Structure Repair/3 300 ?
Technology/Obelisk Construction/1 58 ?
Technology/Stonework/2 4 ?

Research and Tuition

Required By

Desert Obelisk, Flint Blade, Flint Chisel, Obelisk Construction, Skill/Flint Knapping/0#buildcost, Skill/Structure Repair/3, Stonework, Technology/Obelisk Construction/1, Technology/Stonework/2