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A tool is a resource that allows you to perform certain actions (via Action Icons or your Skills menu) that you could not do, if you did not have it in your possession.

A tool is generally not used up in the process, though many can break.

Blacksmithing Tools

Allows the working of metals on an Anvil. These require Blacksmithing 2 to create but can be used without the tech. They're made in a Casting Box and take 5 minutes to cool.


Allows you to carve your name on a piece of Wood and use it as a token.

Dowsing Rod

Allows you to prospect for ore.

Fly Rods

Allows you to fish when you are near water.

Gem Shearing Chisel

Made in a Casting Box from 7 Treated Metal. Used as an upgrade in a Gem Cutting Table


Allows you to gather extra wood when you harvest wood from a tree but increases time between harvests. Needs to be 3k quality or higher to get the bonus.

Incense Prong

Used to add Herbs, Resin and Rose Petals to Incense in a Scent Lab.


A variety of knives, along with the Carving skill, allow you to create a number of objects from wood. Self > Skills > Carving > Knives...

Limestone Tools

To harvest Limestone, you must have both a hammer and a chisel. Mixing types (i.e. flint with lead) will increase the likelihood that the flint item will break.

Monkey Wrench

Used to remove plates from a Certificate Press

Resin Wedge

Allows you to nick trees to generate resin.

  • Created on an Anvil from 7 Metal.
  • Requires Blacksmithing 2 (fully leveled) and Metallurgy 0 to load the project onto an anvil.

Scythe & Papyrus Basket

A Scythe and Papyrus Basket allow you to pick grass faster.


A sledgehammer is used to smash Medium Stones into Gravel


Allows you to dig up dirt, as well as dig for cuttable stones and medium stones.


Allow the re-use of the Sulfuric Acid required to start the Metal Treatment process in a Chemical Bath