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Gem Cutting Event

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Set Your Time Zone

Set your Time Zone correctly because the calendar time for event start also uses it.


  • You must manually change your Time Zone back one hour in the spring and forward one hour in the fall.
  • For the USA Eastern Time is 0500 (March 8 thru November 1 for 2020) for EDT, but then during EST has to manually be changed to 0400.

Where to find details about the RECURRING Gem Cutting Event

Watch for news and winners' listings in the Events chat.
Click on the Calendar icon and scroll.
Click on the Eye icon on the left under the title of the Event to see a small story and prize list.

Zircon Mastery Gem Cutting Recurring Event:

Gem Cutting Calendar Special 3 hour event.jpg

An Eye for Detail Recurring Event:

Gem Cutting Event An Eye for Detail on Calendar.jpg

Team Event Occasional Gem Cutting Event

Event Team Gem Cutting Event:


Prerequisites for Gem Cutting

Zircon Mastery Gem Cutting 3 Hour Recurring Event and How Scores are Accrued

  • Once Lapidary 0 opens in any faction, a special recurring Gem Cutting Event will happen every 60 hours Egyptwide.
  • Collect your 75 Cuttable Zircon from any School of Thought at any Chariot Stop or next to any University of Thought at any time.

Gem Cutting School of Thought Bag of Cuttable Zircon.jpg

  • Cuttable Zircon can only be used during the event.
  • First place winner will win a random Huge Gem.
  • Second place winner will win 40 random Cuttable Gems.
  • Participants will win 1 Cuttable Gem (random type).
  • Event scores for first and second-place winners will reset.
  • All other scores will roll over to the next event.
  • Scoring is below. First unique cut gives 50 points, Second unique cut adds 33 more points to your score, etc. with a max of 19 of the same unique cut per Cuttable Zircon.


  • Example:
    • First Zircon is your first Amanti finished cut....adds 50 points on score.
    • Second Zircon is your first Bastet finished cut...adds 50 points to score.
    • Third Zircon is your second Amanti cut............adds 33 points to score.
    • Fourth Zircon is your first Cat's Eye cut.........adds 50 points to score.
    • Fifth Zircon is your third Amanit cut.............adds 25 points to score.
  • When you unload your finished Cut Zircon, this message pops up and the Cut Zircon goes into your Inventory.


WARNING: If you unload your Cut Zircon directly into a Specimen Case, you forfeit any score for it!!

NOTE: Cuttable Zircon (uncut Zircon) can go into your Offering Vault for Balance of Goods Test if you have not finished that test. Once you finish Balance of Goods test then both Cuttable Zircon and cut Zircon may be put in the Offering Vault as per normal storage.

Event Team Gem Cutting Event

  • An Event Team Gem Cutting Event can happen at any time and will have more variety in prize categories and possible prize items and amounts.

Strategy to Think About when Cutting Gems

See Cut Gems wiki page to see the Cut Gem Catalogue. To view a particular gem cut, load a gem on the table.

Gem Cutting Event Queens Tomb.png

Because of the incrementally lower score points, strategy based upon uniqueness can be more important than skill.

Uniqueness is more valuable in this event, meaning you will get a higher score for finishing many different cut gems. The difficulty or rareness of the cut is not rewarded.

Knowing all of the rare flaws and being able to spot them will still help.

How to Check Your Event Scores

Check your score: Self/Special/Events/Gem Cutting

Gem Cutting Event Option on Avatar.png

At the end of the Gem Cutting Event, your personal score option shows more details:

Gem Cutting Final Score.png

Winner's Reports

Winner's Reports will be in the Events channel.
This part of the event is being adjusted and is not currently being posted in Events.

Gem Cutting Event Winner's Report.jpg