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Gem Cutting Table

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Gem Cutting Table
Gem Cutting Table
17 x 17
Cost to Build
Cut Stone 3
Rope 30
Brass Small Gears 6
Steel Wire 12
White Sand 6


This building becomes available after you have learned the Lapidary 0 (Skill) skill. They are used to shape cuttable gems into various Cut Gems.

Gem Cutting Tables cannot be rotated during placement.

If you have a Specimen Case (a pre-order special item) you can place a partially cut gem in the case and work on it later.

  • Have the Specimen Case in your inventory
  • Work the gem until you are ready to stop
  • Select Finish Cutting and scroll to the end of the list and select: Unique Specimen
  • You will be given a box to name it e.g. BlockHeadCut
  • It will show in your inventory with this name and replaces the Specimen Case in your inventory
  • When you load the gem into the table again your specimen case will return to your inventory


Built in a Compound. Uses 17x17 cells.

Upgrade with Fine Balance

Adds a balance to a gem cutting table, measuring a gem's weight.

Upgrade table to Fracture Gems

This upgrade option is only available if you know Fine Balance

Once installed, it allows you to fracture large gems into between 0 and 7 smaller gems. The amount is random each time you fracture the gem.


Allows cutting of Cuttable Gems into Cut Gems of various types.

Cutting gems consists of trying to cut a semi-randomly shaped gem into a specific pattern. There is no room for error and the final product must be 100% accurate. The gem is cut by rotating the gem on its X,Y, or Z axis as needed, and cutting it with 1 of 3 blades on the table. The blades, and the type of cut they apply, are shown in the image below.

Cut paths.jpg


There are a number of hotkeys that move the gem. The mouse must be at the junction of the gem and the table for the hotkeys to work.

Public Gem Cutting Table