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Glass Torches

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Glass Torches
Glass Torches
Weight 1
Bulk 1

Glass Torches are the base resource needed to make colored glass torches for use in Camp Decoration.


Created on a Glazier's Bench that contains normal glass. Requires Glassblowing 1 (Skill) skill.


5 Normal Glass and three minute cooling period.



  • Called Decorative Torch in the Glazier's Bench menu
  • Listed as Glass Torches (plural) even if only one is in your inventory.
  • Used in Test of Festivals
    • Building each torch requires 1 Glass Torches and 1 Medium Gem (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, or Topaz)
  • Glass torches will last forever but cannot be picked up. (They can be repositioned often-phyrndyl) They need to be fueled with 10 oil and will burn a long time before going out.

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