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Grass is a basic and plentiful resource in Egypt. It is mainly used for drying into Straw.

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Grass action icon


  • Grass can be collected whenever you are in a grassy area. If you're standing on grassy terrain, an action icon will appear with a hand grabbing some grass on it. Clicking that action icon will collect you 1 grass. You cannot gather grass in the same spot twice consecutively, after you gather grass, you will need to move a bit until you see the "grass" icon again to collect more grass.
  • Grass may also be grown in a Greenhouse. You will need 90 grass to "seed" the greenhouse for this.


  • Higher levels of Grass Harvesting may improve grass-collecting capability when a player has a Scythe and Basket in inventory.
  • After manually harvesting 500 grass, you gain the option to automatically accumulate it as an offline chore.


  • Dry grass on the ground, in a Drying Rack or a Flax Hammock to make Straw
  • Note: If you dry grass by dropping it on the ground, it will not remain there forever. After about one hour, "the sweeper" will pick up items dropped on the ground. Larger piles take longer to dry, and excessively large piles of grass may be picked up by the sweeper before they dry into straw.

Required By

Flax Hammock, Ranching, Straw, Technology/Ranching/1