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Weight 1
Bulk 1


Made by smashing Medium Stones with a Sledgehammer



Building Count Verified

Research and Tuition

Required By

Fungus Farm, Metal Treatment, Stonework, Treated Metal

Produced By

T8 Equipment System

The T8 Equipment System has the option to equip the sledgehammer. If you equip the sledgehammer you cannot smack the stones. Do not equip the sledgehammer and the process is the same as pre-T8 Equipment System.

It can be expected that this will be altered in future updates.

How to Make

The Medium Stones must first be dropped on the ground before being smashed (hot key S to smash, or click on the stone to bring up a menu option). As smashed stones roll around a fair bit, plenty of space is advised.

Medium Stones -> cracked stones -> broken stones -> split stones -> smashed stone -> Gravel. Continue smashing the byproducts until everything is broken into gravel.

One medium stone can produce as little as one gravel, but usually over 100 gravel. The splitting is random, so there is no way to tell how much you will get. Smashing a large number of stones will even out the random part though, and about 50-60 gravel per medium stone is reasonable.

  • 12 Medium gave 716 gravel (T7), which is roughly 60 gravel per medium stone
  • 50 Medium gave 2896 gravel (T7), which is roughly 58 gravel per medium stone ~ Balthazarr
  • When smashing stones, there are two basic things that happen when you smash the stone:

1) A "chip" of 1 gravel stays at your feet and the stone rolls away with no change in size, it can be "scooped" very quickly without any animation!
2) The stone splits into 1 to 3 stones one size smaller than the original
(if the new sized of stone is gravel, each will be 1 to 3 gravel and have to be picked up normally)

  • Warning: When you choose to smash a stone (either hotkey or menu) and while your avatar is running towards the stone, if you right click before the stone is smashed, the stone will still display but will disappear next time you click on it and you will have lost that stone! - Zotep