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Fungus Farm

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Fungus Farm
Fungus Farm
Cost to Build
Boards 25
Compost 250
Gravel 50
Rope 15
Sand 100
Wood 200


This building uses Growth Medium and Spores to grow Mushrooms.

Planting Spores

Clicking on the building gives the option to add either Known Growth Medium or Custom Growth Medium. After adding the Growth Medium, you can add a Jar of Spores. The message 'You gently shake the spores across the growth medium and hope for the best' is displayed in Main. Note that adding the wrong type of spores is not possible when using Known Growth Medium.

After planting the spores, the Farm displays the type of Compost used, the type of spores and the date the spores were planted. There is a 24-hour (or three mushroom spawn cycles) growth period where the spores will not fruit (give any mushrooms). Once the growth period has passed, if the Growth Medium is suitable for the type of spores planted, the Fungus Farm will display the message 'The Mycelium is growing'.

Harvesting Mushrooms

Once mycelium is growing, it can fruit, meaning the farm can spawn mushrooms. Fruiting occurs at the planted mushroom type's regular spawn time, starting exactly when the spawn time starts. During fruiting, the farm displays the message 'The Mycellium is fruiting!' and mushrooms start appearing in the farm, spawning in waves occurring every 5 ducky minutes. If the previous wave's mushrooms aren't harvested, they will despawn when the next wave occurs. At the end of the mushroom type's spawn cycle, any mushrooms still growing will despawn, and the mycelium will either die or keep growing to spawn mushrooms next cycle.

After the spawn time ends, the Farm displays the message 'The Mycellium is growing and has fruited n times so far'.

I've seen between 3 and 10 fruitings before the mycelium dies, unsure if this number increases when using known growth medium. --Gnarph


Each farm spawns between roughly 1 and 8 (TODO: Verify) mushrooms models, which can in turn yield 1 or 2 mushrooms per pick. Note that mushroom types with longer spawn windows will keep spawning for longer, and therefore give higher yields. Mushrooms which are not picked during the spawn window will despawn, one at a time.

It has been confirmed that Known Growth Media give higher yields than Custom Growth Media.

Harvesting Ant Food

While the mycelium is live, but not actively fruiting, it can be harvested for ant food. This is done by clicking the farm and choosing "Harvest mycelium for ant food". This will empty the farm; to grow anything more, you must start over with new compost.

Malard has confirmed that 1 Ant Food is created every 2 hours from mycelium. It has also been confirmed that growth medium which does not give any mushrooms will never die. (2020/01/30 #general on discord)
(Currently this mechanic is semi-broken. Mushrooms do not seem fussy about what kind of media they grow in. Players have been unsuccessful in creating mycelium which does not fruit)