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Guild Hall

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Guild Hall
Guild Hall
Small Construction Site



   2n2 + 100 Boards (Boards)
   4n2 + 100 Bricks (Bricks)
   Where n is the maximum number of members the guild can have.

Here are some convenient values for bricks and boards:

size boards bricks
1 102 104
2 108 116
3 118 136
4 132 164
5 150 200
6 172 244
7 198 296
8 228 356
9 262 424
10 300 500
15 550 1000
20 900 1700
30 1900 3700
40 3300 6500
50 5100 10100
60 7300 14500
80 12900 25700
100 20100 40100
250 125100 250100

Expanding a guild

In simple layman's terms...it costs way more to expand a guild step by step than to do it all in one fell swoop.

  • The expansion cost going from size A to size B:
   (50 + B2 - A2) Boards (Boards)
   (50 + 2*B2 - 2*A2) Bricks (Bricks)
  • Or, for the incremental cost of adding 1 member, if N is the starting size:
   (2N + 51) Boards (Boards)
   (4N + 52) Bricks (Bricks)



Guild Halls may only be repositioned 3 times. When you reposition the guild, your main will have the text "A total of 3 repositions are allowed per guild hall. This has now been Repositioned <number> times."

However, you may tear your guild hall down and rebuild with the same name to re-establish it, retaining settings (I only tried this with a 1-member guild, so I don't know whether members are retained. -Istwan). This will not reset the number of allowed repositionings. However you will loose access to any guilded buildings until the hall is rebuilt.



Built in a Small Construction Site (Small Construction Site)


When constructed you will receive a popup asking for:

  • Guild Name
  • Number of Members
  • Yes/No: Hide Guild Location (must be lvl 7)
  • Yes/No: Keep Membership Secret (must be lvl 14)

Guild building.jpg


To coordinate the activities of groups of people.

You can put boards and bricks in but unlike previous tales these materials cannot be removed. These materials can only be used to expand the guild hall.

Camp Decoration

Camp Decoration is back! It is once again the name of the skill used to enhance the appearance of a guild hall

Confirmation message: "You may only do the detailed design work needed for a guild hall upgrade once per week. Do it on this guild hall?"

This seems to be once per ducky (server) week. Attempts to upgrade more frequently show a timer of when a player is next eligible to contribute their camp decoration token.

Note: Guild Hall needs to hold a minimum of 5 members in order to get the upgrade option

Please note: The images as listed and labelled below Are Accurate for T10.

Tier 1 Guild Hall
Tier 2 Guild Hall
Tier 3 Guild Hall
Tier 4 Guild Hall
Tier 5 Guild Hall
Tier 6 Guild Hall
Tier 7 Guild Hall

Guild Map

You can edit the map here: Maps/Guild Halls