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Herbal Exploration

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Herbal Exploration
Herbal Exploration
(Technology - Worship)
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"Herbal Exploration" is not a number.

Learn techniques to test the suitability of a given spot for growing herbs near an aqueduct tower with an Herbing Pot.

Herb Growing

Seeds must be planted near an aqueduct tower which contains water (you get a warning if you try elsewhere or if the aqueduct has run dry). Each tower may support one harvest methods, but most towers support none. Herb growing spots are 256X256 coords tiles, starting at (0,0)x(256,256). Any tower within the same 256x256 tile as the herb spot will work.

When the seed is planted, it grows for a few minutes, and then dies. It may be harvested using the normal foraging technique at any point. The longer it grows, the more herb is yielded. At 3 minutes and 35 seconds (RL), the maximum 7 deben can be harvested. No seeds will be yielded. A Geb's Silver or Golden Sickle will increase your yield as with wild herbs.

Harvesting planted herbs yield 2 to 7 deben depending on how long it is left to grow. The table below uses in-game minutes, equal to about 20.5 to 21 seconds of real time, depending on lag. Use /clock or /clockloc chat command to show the in-game time.

In-Game minutes Quantity
0 1*
1 2
2 3
3 to 4 4
5 to 6 5
7 to 9 6
10 to 12 7
> 12 0*
* Immediately harvesting a planted herb yields 1 db.
Waiting a few seconds yields 2.
The planted herb disappears at just past 12 game minutes.

Herb Growing Areas

Herb growing areas are 256x256 coords, which mean there are 2048 of those in Egypt (minus all-water areas). Testing requires 1 seed of each foraging method per square. Successful locations are listed below. Ashen is maintaining a Google Sheets spreadsheet for collected test results for T8. Raw test data can be viewed there.

T9 Spreadsheet

Form to submit tested areas

Method Region From To Tower

Herb Growing Areas Map

Required By

Herbing Pot