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Herbing Pot

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Herbing Pot
Herbing Pot


An Herbing Pot is used with the Herbal Exploration skill to test an area without an Aqueduct Tower nearby for suitability for growing herbs from seed, which normally requires such a tower. Requires Botany 3 (Skill) to build.


This building becomes available after you have learned the Herbal Exploration skill.


Built on a Crafting Bench using the Make a Herbing Pot menu.

An Herbing Pot may be picked up by its owner (using the "Pick up the Herbing Pot" option). It then appears in inventory as an Herbing Pot Kit, and can be dropped again at a new location, just like a Beer Kettle.


It allows you to check whether an area will grow seeds of a particular harvest method if an Aqueduct Tower is later built in the area. The procedure is exactly the same as determining if an existing aqueduct tower will allow herb seeds to grow, except instead of planting next to the tower, you drop the Herbing Pot and plant the seed(s) in the pot. Upon planting, you will receive one of the following messages giving the results:

The Herb Seeds fail to take root properly
The Herb Seeds seem to take root and would grow if planted here

The seed is consumed and will not be able to harvest any herbs that are planted in the pot, regardless of result.

Herb-growing Areas

An herb-growing area is a 256x256 coordinate block. All towers built in an area will have the same herb-growing characteristics. See Herbal Exploration for more information and discovered areas.