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Homestead Decoration

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Making a World Builder Call

1) Meander on over to the Perk Store at https://www.desert-nomad.com and log in to access Perks, Custom Decoration, Camp Decoration
2) Make a World Builder request Self/Special/Call a World Builder and state that you purchased X number of minutes of Camp Decoration. Each package is 30 minutes.
3) Developer Ariella will then assign a World Builder to do your Homestead landscaping. Each World Builder below has been part of the team making the Homesteads in the game. Please do not request a specific World Builder.
4) Take a screen shot of your camp (the prt scr button on keyboard), print it and draw in where you would like items and nice spots. Then put a wishlist in order of importance on there.
5) Chat your world builder in Discord and post your pic to them. Just remember that they have to decide what can and cannot be done within the time purchased.
6) If you want the World Builder to decorate at their discretion and not do 3) - 4) just let them know.
7) The World Builder will put up two chats. One will be used For Start and Stop. The other will be used for general discussion about your camp deco. Malard put code that will start a timer that both WB and the player can see, but there can be extenuating circumstances that need a Pause in decorating. For now there is no Pause button on his timer, hence the need for the Start & Stop chat.
8) The World Builder that starts the camp decoration is the one that will finish it.

  • A list of available additions to choose from is below, but please respect a World Builder's time limit of the amount of decoration you have purchased. Some of the additions below are more time-consuming than others like placing oasis or making paths.
  • At the end of the Homestead Decorating, your World Builder will put a note in your Builder chat (in your Info) to say that your Homestead Decoration has been completed. A Deco Marker (invisible to players) will be placed at your camp. This marker is used to remove part or all of the deco during the beta of the next tale.

What can be in Camp Deco per Player

  • Your World Builder can bring you to Perkland to look at all the plants, trees, deco items and different fountains. We are adding mock ups of cute spots that our World Builders have designed to help give you ideas.
  • Definition of a camp for camp decoration: A single unmarried player or a married couple.
1) Only 1 wood trees will be added for camp deco. 
2) No swapping or moving of current trees will be allowed unless you happen to live in an unHomesteaded area.
    • For one camp Homesteads.
1) +25 Trees first 30-minute camp decoration.
2) +5 Trees subsequent 30 minute camp decorations purchased.
3) Cap of +50 Trees total of all camp decorations per Homestead area.
4) Cap of 12 different types of Trees per Homestead area.
    • For a multi-camp Homestead.
1) +15 Trees first 30-minute camp decoration.
2) +5 Trees subsequent 30 minute camp decorations purchased of same camp.
3) Cap of +25 Trees total per same camp.
4) Cap of +75 Trees total per Homestead area.
5) Cap of 15 different types of Trees per Homestead area.
1) No swapping or moving of current plants will be allowed unless you happen to live in an unHomesteaded area.
  • 1 or 2 statues from Camp Deco item list.
  • 1 or 2 Fountains per Homestead area and non Perk Store fountains. NOTE that they can create lag for some players.
  • Small pond (if elevation permits) and if not much other water is around.
  • Small buildings (not compounds with machines) can be nudged a bit.
  • Up to 30 colored tiles per Homestead area. NOTE THAT YOU CANNOT BUILD WITHIN 2 COORDS of colored tiles and you may not call the World Builder back to move them. See pictures below for examples. "Building" includes things like planting flax, building a compound or warehouses.

NOTE: If your camp has not been Homesteaded, we will try to do normal Homesteading soon and it will not be part of the time you purchased. Flattening land is part of normal Homesteading so that all buildings sit properly as is lowering the elevation so that water areas may be put in.

Landscape Ideas

Alcove Colored Fountain.jpg
Avaris Beetle Garden.jpg
Banners and Flowers.jpg
Bordered Hill Planting 1.jpg
Circle Patterns and Tile Paths.jpg
Sheba Chariot Stop Blue.jpg