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Trees are a fundamental resource in the Tale.

They are known for :

  • Being the obvious source for wood.
  • Being harvested for their resin.
  • Providing hiding places for chicken eggs.
  • Hosting insects.
  • Roosting spots for falcons.

A couple trees also have a particular use, such as :

  • Royal Palms will sometimes give you a perfect Palm Frond.
  • Coconut trees grow Coconuts over time, which can be harvested.
  • Date palms, once fertilized, will provide Dates.


Below is a gallery of the various trees growing in Egypt.?

This was created to serve as a reference in the hunt for specific tree Resins. Knowing what a particular tree looks like is half the battle.

0-wood trees

There is one tree standing out from the others, the date palm, which only produces dates after being fertilized. No wood will come out of it.

1-wood trees

2-wood trees

3-wood trees

4-wood trees