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Ka Vice

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Ka Vice
Ka Vice
Cost to Build
Boards 12
Bolts 24

A Ka Vice is used to build Ka Boxes for the Test of Ka.

One Ka Vice is required for each box!


Built Outside.

Tests -> Worship --> Test of Ka -> Ka Vice

Warning... Do NOT transfer ownership of Ka Vices... they are the first step in building Ka Boxes and per player... No one else will be able to submit the boxes.


This building becomes available after you have started the Test of Ka.

Once built, a pop-up appears with: Note: Be sure to always build Ka Vices only when you need them. Ka Vices collapse when the Gods change their Ka requirements.

To build them (T10), right-click on the ground, Tests, Worship, Test of Ka, Ka Vice


Select the box to:

  • Dedicate this Box to Aker
  • Dedicate this Box to Babi
  • Dedicate this Box to Kheper
  • Dedicate this Box to Mafdet
  • Dedicate this Box to Meret
  • Dedicate this Box to Nunet
  • Dedicate this Box to Sopdu
  • Disassemble this Site

Multiple Ka Vices can be built at one time to allow for assembly-line making and filling of Ka Boxes. Just be sure to pick up filled boxes right away as they become sweepable once filled.

Selecting Disassemble this Site will return the bolts and boards spent to construct it.