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Test of Ka

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The Test of Ka
The Test of Ka
(Test - Worship)

Secure your place in the afterlife by building a Ka Tomb and filling it with Ka Boxes honoring the gods. Remember that humility is a virtue: Those displaying conspicuous wealth will be looked down upon.

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Test Description

Ka is the Egyptian life-force. You must prepare a place for Ka in order to secure your place in the afterlife. This will be achieved by building your tomb and filling it with the required materials to sustain your Ka until it can be reunited with the gods. Only the most prepared will be guarantee a place with the gods. Don't be prideful lest the gods punish you.


Prepare your place in the afterlife.

Test Details

Build a Ka Tomb and place Ka Boxes inside that meet the requirements of the vision which is avatar specific and changes each week.

Every week, the top 7 players with the most Ka points will progress in the Test of Ka. To pass the test, progress 3 times.

Points scoring works as follows, every week you make a pledge of how many total boxes you think you will be able to make and store in your Ka Tomb for the next week. Then the following week, every box that you make up to that pledge number (regardless of which God that box is dedicated to) counts as 2 points. Every box you make over your pledged amount counts for 1 point. So if you pledge 5 boxes and actually make and store 7 boxes, you would get 12 points. If you fail to make your pledged amount, you get zero points.

In addition, every day at a random time, an hour-long event will be scheduled with no notice. This event will give the name of a specific, random God and every box placed in your tomb dedicated to this God gives you two points (regardless of whether it takes you over your pledged amount). Note: per the calendar post, the boxes must be built and placed during that hour.

Finally, the number of new points for this week are modified by the boxes built by all the other players participating this week. A player who builds boxes between the 40th and 60th percentile have their points boosted by 150% (20 points goes to 30 points), points for people who built boxes in the 95% or higher percentile are cut to 1/3 (150 goes to 50). (The Gods dislike conspicuous displays of wealth).

Your new score is then calculated as 0.85 * (last week score + this week points). The 0.85 reflects the 15% decay mentioned in the test description and is done this week, not next, which is slightly confusing.

Each week the top 7 players will progress and the requirements for all boxes will be reset.