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New Beginnings

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New Beginnings
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The New Beginnings task is started as soon as a player logs in to the game for the first time.

The task requires the player to:


Upon completing the first step, "Gather some Slate by the shoreline", the Knapping skill is learned.

Upon completing the entire task, the Carpentry skill is learned and the Carpenter specialization is unlocked. The Gather Grass, Gather Sand, and Gather Mud action icons are also unlocked upon completion.

Completion of this task begins the Solid Progress task.


Once you collect four Slate you will "Find a large hoard of slate just beneath the sand" which will give you an extra 30 slate.

Knapping a Slate will result in one of two options:

  • Oops - one of the pieces of slate shattered, the other remained intact.
  • Success! One of the stones shattered, and the other broke cleanly. You've knapped a Slate Blade.

You will need the second one to progress on this task. If you get the first one, just keep trying.

You can open your Inventory by pressing the "back-pack" icon at the top of your screen or pressing "I".

To access the Knapping command you click on your avatar, select Skills and click "Knap a Slate Blade".

You can keep this box open by clicking the pin icon on the right. Clicking again will close the box.

Also, you need to create your home next to water, sand, dirt, and grass (doesn't hurt to find clay as well) with plenty of space around to expand your compound.