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Weight 1
Bulk 1

Slate can be found and gathered at shorelines near any natural body of water. When a piece of slate is found nearby, the Slate Action Icon will appear. Clicking on it will gather one piece of slate. While slate is usually only found one piece at a time, deposits may contain up to four pieces of slate.

  • Note There is also a chance of finding a hoard of Slate and gaining a larger amount.
Slate Action Icon


Once the Knapping skill has been learned, Slate can be shattered into Slate Blades using the menu option Skills → Blades → Knap a Slate Blade and costs 2 Slate per Slate Blade created. Note that, until a character's Knapping skill has reached level [TBD], creating Slate Blades has a chance losing 1 Slate in the process or failing and losing both Slate.


Offline Chore

After gathering 1,000 Slate, the Gather Slate Offline Chore is unlocked.

Research and Tuition

Required By

Cartouche, Desert Obelisk, Firepit, Flint Blade, Grain Oven, Mining, Obelisk Construction, Planning Application, Stone Quarry, Technology/Obelisk Construction/1, Test of Alchemists Rune, Test of Hexaglyphs, Test of the Covered Cartouche