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Pearls can be obtained by successfully solving an Oyster Bed puzzle. Accessing such puzzles requires the Swimming 0 (Skill).

At the beginning of a Tale, before Test of the Oyster Catcher is demonstrated, pearls can occasionally spawn on the ground near Water. These can be picked up by anybody. However, found pearls cannot be installed into a necklace for the test. Pearls that spawn on the ground cannot be seen from more than 15 coords away.


Types of Pearls

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Huge
Colors: Aqua, Beige, Black, Coral, Pink, Smoke, White

Pearl colors are region-dependent, with three colors per region appearing to be the standard. For a list of known colors in each region, see Test of the Oyster Catcher

Required By

Test of the Oyster Catcher

Produced By