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Water is a natural feature in Egypt. Grass, trees and many other plants can be found near bodies of water. Resources such as mud, slate, silt and clay can only be found near bodies of water. Water is normally impassable unless the player has the Swimming skill or a Ferry Boat.


The only way to collect water is by filling Jugs or Canvas Bags.


  • 1 - Rotten Flax - 300s
    • 1 - Flax


Standing near a body of water, a player can perform actions like rotting Flax, filling Jugs or attempting to go Fishing. Certain buildings such as the Water Mine may only be built near water. Oyster beds can spawn in water where players can swim.

Generally speaking, if something asks for "Water", it will return your containers to you, whereas if it asks for "Full Water Containers" then your containers will be taken as well. Typically, things you build will require "Water" while Schools and Universities will require Containers for tuition and research donations.

Building Count Verified
Acoustics Laboratory 100 ?
Anvil 4
Hookah 1 ?
Mine 100 ?
Persephone Furnace 2000 ?
Salts of Metal 25


Depending on your Arthropodology skill level, gathering water can produce Oyster Mites, Glass Worms, Footworms, Bloodworms, Nippleworms, Bristleworms, and Needleworms.

Required By

Acoustics Laboratory, Anvil, Barometer, Cartouche, Clay Steeped Canvas, Herbing Pot, Hookah, Lime Emulsion, Mine, Mine, Persephone Furnace, Persephone Furnace, Salts of Metal, Steam Kiln, Steam Rock Saw, Test of the Covered Cartouche, Test of the Seven Phoenix