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Skill/Exploration Travel

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Exploration Travel
(Skill - Natural Philosophy)


Level Requirements Unlocks

Level 0

  • Can jump instantly to your Expedition Site if far enough from a Chariot Stop, Can travel home from your Expedition Site
Level 1

  • Can travel home from any Expedition Site


Exploration Travel (sometimes called Expedition Travel) allows one to quickly travel using Expedition Sites.

  • It allows you to register at one Expedition Site and pick another arbitrary location to be your Home (Self > Navigation menu > Set home location).
    • The first time you designate a site or a home location, it will become active immediately.
    • Subsequent changes to your Expedition Site or home location will take a 2-hour delay to become active. During those 2 hours, you are unable to use Exploration Travel at all.
  • Consumes Travel Time which is accumulated while you are offline with the relevant setting selected under Offline Chores.
  • Exploration travel costs 160% as much as chariot travel (8 times the time it would take to walk). There are no restrictions on how often you may use it. The cost is linear dependent on the distance traveled (subject to a minimum of 30 minutes travel time).
  • You cannot use this mode of travel if you are within 150 coordinates of a Chariot Stop (whether the Chariot Stop is open or broken).
  • Unlike Navigation, you don't get sweaty with this form of travel.
See also: Navigation


You can edit the map here: Maps/Expedition Sites.