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Weight 1
Bulk 1


Leather is a byproduct of slaughtering Sheep and Camels.



Building Count Verified
Deep Well 2000 ?
Fleet Furnace 60
Gyration Cell 100 ?
High Pressure Steam Engine 50 ?
Large Steam Engine 100 ?
Medium Steam Engine 50 ?
Mine 100 ?
Pottery Wheel 1
Skill/Exploration Travel/0 2 ?
Skill/Exploration Travel/1 100 ?
Skill/Local Leadership/1 10 ?
Skill/Salvage Techniques/5 300 ?
Skill/Structure Maintenance/3 80 ?
Small Steam Engine 25 ?
Technology/Pyrolysis/3 40 ?
Technology/Ranching/1 3 ?

Research and Tuition

Required By

Bead Grinder, Blast Furnace, Cartouche, Chemistry, Deep Well, Deep Well, Flax Gin, Fleet Furnace, Fleet Furnace, Gyration Cell, Gyration Cell, Haunt of Beast, High Pressure Steam Engine, Large Steam Engine, Medium Steam Engine, Mine, Mine, Mining, Mouldboard Plough, Planning Application, Pottery Wheel, Pottery Wheel, Pyrolysis, Ranching, Skill/Exploration Travel/0, Skill/Exploration Travel/1, Skill/Local Leadership/1, Skill/Salvage Techniques/5, Skill/Structure Maintenance/3, Small Steam Engine, Technology/Pyrolysis/3, Technology/Ranching/1, Test of the Covered Cartouche, Test of the Empty Hand, Test of the Seven Phoenix

Produced By

Camels, Sheep