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The University of Thought scholars tell us: After much research we concluded that there are in fact nine[1] different chemical components that make up Spirits. Each has a different boiling point, and due to the valve mechanism on an alembic, it is possible to boil off just those spirits with a boiling point equal to the solution temperature (rather than those equal or above).

The nine types of spirits, from lowest boiling point to highest are: Rock, Wood, Worm, Grain, Grass, Fruit, Vegetable, Mineral, Fish. Spirits are then further categorized by purity level, with the most pure referred to as Spirits of Ra, followed by Spirits of Life, Air, Fire, Water, Earth. The term Grey Spirits indicates that either the spirit is even less pure than Earth spirits, *or* contains compounds with an average boiling point above Fish Spirits.

Not all distillable materials contain all spirit types. Beer, for example, contains Rock, Wood, Worm and Grain spirits. Beers with the 'Dry' flavor also contain small amounts of Fruit and Vegetable Spirits. Potent beers contain 25% more spirits total than normal beers. Very Potent Beers contain 50% more.

The pressure and heat of an albemic[2] cause a chemical reaction in wine whereby tanins are converted into Wood, Worm and Grain spirits. Residual sugar further increases the spirits' weight, providing vegetable, mineral, and a tiny amount of fish spirits. Since the condensing stage of an Alembic tends to average the weights of the circulating components, it is theoretically possible to distill intermediate types of spirits by distilling a high boiling point such as Vegetable, and then a bit of a low boiling point spirit like Grass. When this is done, the result would be Fruit Spirits. It is unknown whether these can be made with enough purity to prevent classification as Grey Spirits.

[1] - it is noted this says 9, whereas counting Grey as a spirit makes 10.
[2] - spelling error as indicated in text accessed 12 November 2016


Spirits are distilled alcohol, produced in an Alembic from wine or beer. There are several different varieties of spirits, as well as different purity levels.

Classification of Spirits

The type corresponds to the temperature range at which it is extracted from alcohol in an Alembic, and the temperature at which it burns when used to make Essences. Rock Spirits have the lowest temperature, and Grey Spirits the highest (although Grey Spirits can't be extracted from an Alembic by type; only by quality).

Spirits are then further categorized by purity level, with the most pure referred to as Spirits of Ra, followed by Spirits of Life, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Spirits below Earth quality are classified as Grey Spirits. Thus, for example, a request for "Worm Spirits of Fire or better" is fulfillable by Worm Spirits of Fire, Air, Life, or Ra.

Note that Grey is considered both a type and a quality. Spirits of type Grey are always of quality Grey, and vice-versa.

Starting Beverages

Wines with high Residual Sugar are used to make Vegetable, Mineral, and Fish Spirits. (Pot = 6 x sugar - Solaris)
Wines with high Tannin are used to make Wood, Worm, and Grain Spirits. (Pot = 15 x tannin - Solaris)
Beer is used to make Rock Spirits, and can also be used to make Wood, Worm and Grain Spirits.

Fruit and Grass spirits can be made by carefully mixing the top end of the low-temperature (tannin) wine range with the bottom end of the high-temperature (sugar) wine range. The spirits will most likely be of Earth quality, although spirits of Water may be possible under ideal circumstances (Fruit Spirits of Water have been observed).

  • Note from Hekatef: Fruit Spirits of Earth are possible, through patient distilling of beer and wine simultaneously. I did it by taking 1 unit of Grain Spirits from beer, then adding wine and carefully distilling from the Vegetable range. This yields Grey Spirits at first, but as more Vegetable Spirits are added to the mix, the purity improves again. It took a lot of time, a few tries and several wines, but I was able to distill Fruit Spirits of Earth from Vegetable and a little bit of Grain. Don't know yet whether Grass Spirits can be synthesized in a similar fashion, but I'll update if I am successful.
  • Note from Solaris: Grass Spirits of Earth are possible in a similar manner although somewhat harder. However I found a method that has almost guaranteed succes. First, add tannin wine or beer with combined Pot about 20 times the number of grass spirits you require. Then add a bit of sugar wine. Set the flow to minimum and raise temperature to above grain, then 'dump just the distillate'. Now you need to make a lot of grain of life in the following way: Whenever the temperature is below the 7th line on the temperature scale, raise temperature. Whenever the temperature is at or above the line, lower temperature. Slowly but steadily you will get grain of life. DO NOT compromise to speed up the process, or you will most likely fail. When you have enough spirits, lower flow a bit and raise temperature to the 8th line on the temperature scale. Whenever the temperature is above the line, lower temperature. Whenever it is at or below the line, raise temperature. This will slowly raise the spirit marker to grass while lowering quality. When you reach grass, get the spirits. If the spirits turn grey, lower temperature to get more grain spirits using the same method as you used in the beginning.
    • I have managed Grass Spirits of Earth with this method, with the only difference being I used the lower quality Grain of Air instead of the Grain of Life called for in Solaris's description above. - Myn 08:59, 14 June 2012 (EST)

Fruit spirits can now (tale 10) be made from beer like any of the other spirits.

Spirits from Beer

  • 8 VP Sweet Beers: 228 pot/beer, 47 rock spirits/beer.
  • 8 VP Dry Beers: 256 pot/beer, 50 rock spirits/beer, 17 fruit spirits/beer, 0 grass spirits.
  • 4 VP mixed beers: 192 pot/beer, 56 rock spirits/beer.
  • 4 Potent Beers: 175 pot/beer, 44 rock spirits/beer.
  • 8 non-potent dry beers: 166 pot/beer, 27 rock spirits/beer.

How easy Spirits are to make Table

Due to a bug in the alembic code, beer properties were not being calculated correctly making some of the spirits impossible to create, this was fixed towards the end of T10 so a lot of these values probably need re-validating!

  • The cells with a yellow background colour are updates since the bug was fixed (and have been verified as possible)
Spirit Ra Life Air Fire Water Earth
Fish Very Hard Hard Easy Easy Average Average
Mineral Extremely Hard Very Hard Average Easy Easy Easy
Vegetable Very Hard Hard Average Easy Easy Easy
Fruit Extremely Hard Very Hard Very Hard Very Hard Very Hard Hard
Grass Extremely Hard Very Hard Very Hard Very Hard Very Hard Hard
Grain Hard Average Easy Easy Easy Easy
Worm Extremely Hard Hard Average Easy Easy Easy
Wood Hard Average Easy Easy Easy Easy
Rock Hard Average Easy Easy Easy Easy
Grey Only comes in Grey, no quality

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