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Star Rack

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Star Rack
Star Rack
7 x 7
Cost to Build
Boards 40
Canvas 4
Copper Wire 4

A Star Rack is where you craft Stars for Pyrotechnics.


This building becomes available once you have started the Test of Pyrotechnics.


Built in a Compound. Uses 7x7 cells.


The star rack is used to create batches of a specific pyrotechnics star. You must have learned the specific recipe from a University of Art & Music to see the option to create those stars on the rack.

The minimum batch size to avoid rounding of ingredients appears to be 10.

  • See the Star Recipes page for costs of specific stars and where their recipes may be learned.

Drying times

The stars will dry at a rate of one star every 30 teppySeconds.

If you make 1 star, it will take 30 teppySeconds. If you make 4 qty, then it will be 2 TeppyMinutes, and so on...

You cannot remove stars while there are some in the batch still drying.