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Cost to Build
Boards 100
Bricks 200


A Compound (CP) is a customizable building inside which other buildings can be constructed. In effect, it is a structure used to hold other structures. Many buildings can only be built inside a compound.

The starting 3x2 compound is built with 100 boards and 200 bricks. If a player makes their camp site first, those materials are available in their cart.

Compounds gradually decay over time unless a cornerstone has been installed. Tearing down a compound won't give back materials.


To expand your CP click on the outer border and then choose Blueprints -> Edit blueprints -> Building shape -> Add a sector and finally click on the outer wall. Note that after these steps you must load materials for actual expanding your CP and in the meantime you are not able to maintain or create new buildings in your CP.

Compound Expansion costs: (varying amounts of the following depending on design):

Cancelling compound expansion will return any materials that were already loaded by depositing them on the ground.



Homestead Compound.png

Homestead is the default compound style. It's appearance is customizable.

Faction variables: each faction has its own pattern and shield design, and the initial wall, band, and pattern colors are also faction specific.

The exterior walls, trim, and band of the Homestead compound can be repainted. There are six free colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

Granite is the default flooring. It is free, and can be changed to more decorative styles with the proper materials.

The original doorway is permanent. Wall segments which do not include a corner may be changed to other styles.

Town House


Town House is an alternate style available as the 2nd tier reward from the Architect specialization.

Town House compounds cannot have their exterior painted or colored.