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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

{{Building}} is for use in any article about an in-game "building". All parameters are optional and can be left blank, though it is preferred to include as many as possible; if undefined, these optional parameters will not appear as part of the template. The recommended image size is a width of 250px so that it will completely fill the infobox without increasing its size.


| name         = 
| image        = 
| location     = 
| size         = 
| capacity     =
| requirements = 


The name of the resource.
image (optional)
File name of an image for the resource. Should generally be a clean screenshot of the resource as it appears when dropped on the ground from a character's inventory. The recommended size is 250px but, if larger, the image should scale to fit the template.
location (optional)
The location or locations where the building can be constructed such as Compound, Outside, Small Construction Site, Medium Construction Site, etc.
size (optional)
The dimensions of the building when constructed inside a Compound.
capacity (optional)
The storage capacity of the building.
requirements (optional)
A list of any skills or technologies required to construct a building.


Acid Bath
Acid Bath

5 x 3

Neutralization 0 (Technology)
| name         = Acid Bath
| image        = Acid Bath.png
| location     = [[where::Compound]]
| size         = {{Area | 5 | 3}}
| capacity     =
| requirements = {{RequireTechnology | Neutralization | 0 }}

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