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Test of The Sculptors

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The Test of The Sculptors
The Test of The Sculptors
(Test - Art and Music)

Demonstrate the magnificence of your artistry, both in a team and in individual works. The best artwork is saved, unsatisfactory art is destroyed.

Test Description

Artists are split into teams of Sun and Sand. Each team constructs a sculpture within the allotted time. The artists of team that receives the most votes are awarded one point. The others are eliminated and the process starts again. The artist with the most points advances each week.


Create and display team artworks.

  • Sign up for a Sculptors Contest
  • Add an item to a team Sculpture
  • Win a round
  • Score three points

Additional Information

To participate in a "round" you have to sign up for it. The first round's sign-up window is 1 hour 24 hours, at the location listed on the calendar, and a minimum of 8 players must sign up. At the end of the sign-up round two teams of at least 4 players are created, with each team getting their own name (such as Sun Team) and chat channel. After the 24 hours is up, voting begins, and lasts 24 hours.

If less than 8 people sign up, then after the signup time, the following message is displayed in each applicant's main channel: Sculptor less than 8 people.png

Building a Team Sculpture

One member of the team needs to build the sculpture, which costs:

The build option can be found in Tests > Test of the Sculpture > Build <name> Team Sculpture. It has to be built within 300 ft of the university holding the sculpture session.

Once built, a message will appear in Team chat channel indicating the location

* The <name> Team sculpture has been constructed at [coords]

If it's built close to a competing sculpture, a message will indicate this

* The <name> Team sculpture has been built close to another competing sculpture
NOTE: No advance warning message, no option to reposition, tearing down results in the loss of all materials.
Each member of the team then needs to load at least one material into the sculpture.
(This may not be true, since some team members who did not add any materials advanced to the next round with the winning team)

You need to bring the sculpture build mats, plus anything you want to load into the sculpture with you. -Vixsin '
Changed': The build time has been extended to 24 hours. (12/19/2018)

Passing the Principle

  • Sign up for a Sculptors Contest. Credit is given even if you don't make it to a team
  • Add an item to a team Sculpture. When the sculpture base has been built, add an item to the sculpture for the credit.
  • Win a round
  • Score three points

Passing the Test

A minimum of three points is required to pass the test.


As a part of a group of 8 initiates of art and music, the petitioner must carry:

  • 100 boards
  • 10 rope
  • 4 linen