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Weight 1
Bulk 1


Rope is one of the finished Flax goods. It is made in a Small Distaff, Large Distaff or Steam Distaff.


  • 5 debens of Twine = 1 rope

It takes 1 minute to produce 1 Rope.


From Tow, it processes like this:

You need 1 2/3 deben of tow (and hence make 1 2/3 deben of flax) to make one deben of rope.


Building Count Verified
Advanced House 30
Airship 400 ?
Basic House 60
Cart 2
Chemistry Laboratory 19
Deep Well 200 ?
Mine 75 ?
Pottery Wheel 4
Ranch 30
Skill/Beer Brewing Science/0 5 ?
Skill/Beer Brewing Science/1 15 ?
Skill/Beer Brewing Science/2 40 ?
Skill/Beer Brewing Science/3 70 ?
Skill/Project Management/0 6 ?
Skill/Project Management/1 12 ?
Skill/Project Management/2 100 ?
Small Sailboat 30 ?
Technology/Farming/1 6 ?
Technology/Ranching/1 8 ?
Technology/Sign Construction/1 5 ?
Technology/Stonework/2 10 ?
Vineyard 12 ?

Research and Tuition

Required By

Advanced House, Airship, Alcohol Lamp, Aqueduct Construction Site, Banner Construction, Basic House, Cart, Cartouche, Chancery, Chariot Repair, Chemistry, Chemistry Laboratory, Chemistry Laboratory, Deep Well, Deep Well Construction, Deep Well, Diplomacy, Farming, Flax Gin, Fungus Farm, Guilds, House Flag, Lasso, Master Schooner, Master's Casting Box, Megalopolis, Megalopolis Construction Site, Mine, Mine, Mirrored Pyramid, Mouldboard Plough, Night Sky Table, Plinth Construction Site, Pottery Wheel, Pottery Wheel, Ranch, Ranch, Ranching, Religious Construction Site, Skill/Beer Brewing Science/0, Skill/Beer Brewing Science/1, Skill/Beer Brewing Science/2, Skill/Beer Brewing Science/3, Skill/Project Management/0, Skill/Project Management/1, Skill/Project Management/2, Small Sailboat, Small Sailboat, Stable, Stone Quarry... further results

Produced By

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