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Test of the Plantation

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The Test of the Plantation
The Test of the Plantation
(Test - Natural Philosophy)

Plant and tend Plantations in remote sites. Gather a group of tenders that are diverse to increase the quality of your Plantation. The most well tended plantations will be promoted. Three promotions are required to pass.

Test Description

Find a spot for your Plantation that is remote, plantation headquarters must be at least about 70 coordinates apart, and sow up to three seeds. Cocoa plants will need to be harvested at least three times during each week, and may only be harvested by a designated tender. Each week, plantations tended perfectly with maximum diversity of tenders each get an additional seed, as do the top seven most nearly perfectly tended plantations.

Each week, the seven plantations with the greatest turned-in harvest for that week are promoted, and the owner of any Plantation promoted three times advances in the Discipline of Natural Philosophy. Promotions need not be consecutive.

Remember, for maximum chance to get additional seeds, make each plant's Tender unique.

Grow Cocoa and Cocoa Seeds. A seed (or multiple seeds) is rewarded after a week of perfect (3) tends. The cocoa and cocoa seeds will show in the tender's inventory. The tender needs to turn cocoa into the plantation and the seeds to the plantation owner (or their warehouse or storage facility).

To grow seeds, click self>plant>cocoa.


  • Build a Plantation (1 Talent Point) ?
  • Plant Three Cocoa (1 Talent Point) ?
  • Have Seven Cocoa Turned In
  • Earn a Seed
  • Perfectly tend a Harvest
  • Pass Test of the Plantation