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Plantation Headquarters

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Plantation Headquarters
Plantation Headquarters
Small Construction Site
Cost to Build
Fuzzy Moss 100
Bricks 1,000
Silk Cloth 2


This building becomes available after you start the Test of the Plantation.


Built in a Small Construction Site under the "Tests" menu.

Must have at least 70 coords between plantations.

  • 1000 Bricks
  • 100 Moss:Fuzzy (The moss can have any other attributes, but must contain "Fuzzy".)
  • 2 Silk Cloth


Used to grow Cocoa and Cocoa Seeds. A seed is rewarded after a week of perfect (3) tends. The cocoa and cocoa seeds will show in the tender's inventory. The tender needs to turn cocoa into the plantation and the seeds to the plantation owner (or their warehouse or storage facility).

To grow seeds, click self>plant>cocoa.