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The Venery

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The Venery
The Venery
(Test - The Human Body)

Create a Venery - a mind bending hunt across the land, to challenge and entertain those developing their Focus.


Test Description

Design a Venery, a treasure hunt around your home, throughout your neighborhood, or across Egypt. A good Venery can teach runners about local sites, and is neither too easy nor too difficult. After completing your design, if you wish to turn off the Venery menu on objects, turn off the option in 'Interface Options' under 'Show menu items for venery configuration'. This option was added when you started the Test of the Venery.

Task Details

The test requires you to build a Venery and have seven judges rate it, averaging at least Good.

Additional Information

This is the second test in the discipline of the Body.

This test allows the builder to create a small story and bring the participant through a series of locations while participating. It can be timed and can be as small as within eyesight to Egypt as a whole.

Talent Points

Talent Points are awarded for:

  • Building the Venery Gathering Point
  • Forging a Simple Lockbox
  • Installing 7 Lockboxes
  • Opening the Venery
  • Passing the Test - TBC
  • Completing three recent winning Veneries - No TP awarded as of 2021-09-04

Creating a Venery

  1. Make at least 7 Simple Lockboxes
  2. Determine where you'd like to start your Venery
  3. Build a Venery Gathering Point
  4. Name your keys
  5. Install your Simple Lockboxes
  6. Create your clues - Consider using the Venery Planner to plan and write your content.
  7. Open your Venery.

Notes on Lockboxes and Clues

  • You need to select 'Configure This Venery' at the Venery gathering point before you start installing lockboxes. Then you can install keys and lockboxes anywhere you like.
  • Make sure that Options > Interface> Tests > "show menu items for venery configuration" is checked, or you will not get the option to install the Locboxes! - Minerva
  • A venery should be fun to do. Many Egyptians get frustrated with the very hard ones and will tend to quit the venery.
  • Make sure your clues are precise and not too hard to decipher.
  • Always keep in mind that people will be voting on this so if you want to pass it needs to be finely balanced between easy and hard.
  • Some people in previous tales built chests and placed rewards in them for others to collect. However you do it is up to you.
  • Some people will also have an answer sheet attached to their wiki page.
  • Remember Just Have Fun.

Venery Locations

Region Coordinates Designer Name Passed Remarks RL Date Opened
West Kush 940, -4040 Redshift Revenge of the Ruddy Fennec Yes 8/22/2021
West Kush Broken. Torn down Sabuli Doctor Mooo Yes 8/23/2021
Lahun cs -1364 4865 Amon Bring the sculptor back to the Capital Yes 8/25/2021
Lahun cs -1364, 4948 Archis The Pendulum No 8/26/2021
Koptos cs 866, -1928 Aidenna Are You My Mother? Yes 9/5/2021
Sharuhen cs 2851, -1018 RoaminUmp Guided Tour of Sharuhen No 9/5/2021
Naqada 2597, 2168 Djoser A Tale of Giants and Dwarves No fast and easy 9/7/2021
Upper Egypt 942, -1556 Wimsankh The search for Panama No 9/9/2021
East Sinai 4239, 6720 Isabelin Saved by the beer Yes Short 15/09/2021
Red Sea 1934, 2085 Arbutus Ahknaten The Architect No Short and puzzle-based 9/17/2021
Red Sea 1926, 1817 Bann Vigil Venery Yes light and quick 9/26/2021
Upper Egypt 926, -1855 Lisimba New Arrival Yes fast and easy 11/06/2021
Upper Egypt 926, -1746 Shelyak Enemies of the Kingdom Yes may require fermenting 11/9/2021
West Kush (near VoQ cs) 873, -4237 sparkle The Beauty of Egypt No short and sweet 03/30/2022

Sorry. I accidentaly killed the cow Tinkerbell, that had a key, and broke the venery. Egyptians don't believe in fairies and didn't clap to save her. So I tore the venery down. (Sabuli)

Veneries Map

  • Green for recognized (passed) veneries (use "Gr" prefix on pin)
  • Red for unrecognized (unpassed) veneries (use "Rd" prefix on pin)


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