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  Discipline of  
Open and Available Exploration
Open and Available Test of the Singing Cicada
Open and Available Test of the Bedouin
Open and Available Test of the Oyster Catcher
Open and Available Test of the Acrobat
Open and Available Path of the Pilgrim
Open and Available Test of the Ritual Tattoo
Open and Available Test of Isis' Bounty
Open and Available The Venery
Open and Available Test of the Banquet

Body is one of the six disciplines. It emphasizes travel and exploration. More than any other discipline, the Tests of Body demand time and work toward physical excellence.


  • You gain the ability to perform a special Acrobatics show-off move on completing the Test, under your Emotes menu: "Demonstrate Masterful Dexterity".
  • You gain the Speed of the Bedouin ability after passing the Test of the Bedouin, which temporarily boosts your native Dexterity by 21 for 30 seconds, on a ten-minute cooldown. This boosts your off- road run-speed fairly considerably for the duration, as well as almost always ensuring you can manage to slaughter an animal *without* smashing every single one of their bones into useless shards. Neat trick.
  • Passing 3 Body tests provides you with a GPS feature under Navigation. Click Self > Navigation > View Selected Coordinates .. then type in the coords. A 2nd map will pop up centered around the location you entered. Note that the hover-over for this map *lies* and are incorrect - this is a bug that has not been fixed yet. Trust not anything seen in hover-over or by clicking the View Selected Coordinates map - trust only the actual map displayed, as that is accurate for the coordinates entered.