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Traits are special abilities granted at certain levels of a Specialization. Most Specialization levels grant increases in Stats, but every 4 levels gives a different ability with some relation to the Specialization.

The Traits do not give any Stat increases, even the ones which grant an ability which usually would come from Stat increases (like extra Carry).

At level 32 (the max) each Specialization has a Capstone Trait which, in theory, gives an better ability. Examples of the Capstone Trait include free Chariot Travel and valuable resources being generated offline.

Traits per Specialisation


1Roe Your BoatIncreases the amount of roe generated
2Stronger LinesLess chance that your lure will be lost
3The Big OneIncrease the sizes of your catches
4Quality EquipmentThe quality of your pole is always considered one higher
5Offline InsectsAdds the ability to gather insects offline - random insects are generated based on rarity


1Increased Compound SizeIncreases the number of cells you can add to a compound by 14 cells
2This Old Town HouseUnlocks the Town House style of compounds
3Home ConstructionAllows the construction of a Basic House
4Buddha's ArchitectPermanent Eastern Meditation skill



1Carpentry Shop Handling10% chance of cutting two boards with one piece of wood
2Ancient BladeworkDecreases the chance of Slate, Bone, and Flint blades breaking in a Wood Plane or Carpentry Shop
3Totin' ChipDecreased timers on whittling
4Sharper BladesBlades installed in the carpentry bench act as higher quality
5Endless BoardsCarpentry shop board planing does not stop at 50 boards
6Wood StoreUnique storage building that can hold up to one million wood


1Increased HelpingsIncreases the number of helpings for your dishes by 4
2Fresher MealsIncreases the time your meals stay fresh (+1 day)
3Masterpiece MasteryIncreases the chance your meal will be a masterpiece
4Spice It UpAdd random extra stats to recipes '"`UNIQ--uv-00000019-QINU`"'
5Offline HerbsAdds the ability to pick herbs offline - random herbs are generated based on rarity





1Increased CarryIncreases carry capability by +500 (weight and bulk)
2Break TimeIncreased travel time and offline chore production
3Charcoal BurnerIncreased yield in charcoal hearths, charcoal ovens, and charcoal brazier for each trait rank (lvl 1 108 cc in hearth)


1Onceler's EnvyIncreases wood gathered, without increasing timer
2Wood Timer DecreaseDecreases timer on gathering wood
3Mighty ChopPerform a one time wood gather with a longer timer
4Tool MasteryHatchets and Resin Wedges always count as 9999 quality for you


1Geb's TouchIncreases ore collection
2Careful ExtractionHigher chance of larger gems
3Improved Marble GatheringWhen pulling marble, gain +1 marble (multiple miners do not stack)
4Hathor's MiracleBreak all minestones on a long timer


1Sage AdviceWhen gathering herbs correctly, gain 1 Deben of extra herb.
2Naturalist's TouchAllows flowers to be uprooted
3Essential Nut's EssenceIncreases the yield of Nut's Essence at the Toxin Kitchen by 1
4Monkey Seed, Monkey DoGain an extra seed when finding seeds
5Don't Swat the Small StuffWhen gathering insects, gain an additional insect of a different kind
6Get a Little MushyMake Nut's Essence with any mushroom



1Festival of the GodsPray to the Gods at a shrine to gain a stat bonus (+2)(larger stat bonus per level)
2Expanded DowsingIncreases the radius of your dowsing attempt
3Improved DowsingIncreases the rate of your dowsing attempts
4Church FoundingBuild your own Common Altar


1CowboyAdd a free animal of your choice to a building (every two weeks?)
2Animal WhispererAble to examine animals and find out more information about them
3Increased Feed YieldIncreases the amount of feed created when you make food for animals
4Hearty CattleCattle you produce will live longer after heavy work
5Happy Pigs, Happy LifeIncreased happiness for your pigs
6Hired HelpA hired hand helps return ploughs to your ranch if the Bull dies at the end of a ploughing cycle


1Fast SmithingDecreases time required to make items in forge (50%)
2Touch of Ptah10% Chance hit on an anvil is not used
3Alloy Master+5% to Alloy Crystallization
4Bigger BatchesIncreased Batch Sizes of certain cast items
5Octec's VisionYou can reheat an attempt of Octec's Alloy


1Eye for SlateIncreased chance of finding hoards of slate
2Enormous HandsWhen gathering gravel, pick up in a radius
3Increased Limestone GatheringLimestone gathering increased per hit by 1
4Romancing The StoneIncreased perception for marble prospecting
5Gravel MasteryIncreases the number of pieces created when gravel is smashed with a hammer
6Give it a StirDecreased timers on clinker vat stirring
7Offline StoneworkGather cuttables, medium stone, or convert stone to gravel offline