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Twirls Mushrooms

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Twirls Mushrooms
Twirls Mushrooms
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A type of Mushroom.

  • Rarity :
  • Spawn time : 8:00 PM – 10:36 PM
  • Terrain type : sand/grass
  • Pattern : Masses.
  • Known place of choice :


Research and Tuition


Twirls mushrooms favor high-Nitrogen environments. They elevate Groundwater, and can elevate pH - they certainly change acidity. Increase in Groundwater from 77% to 81% was observed exactly on spawn, along with pH increase from 8.0882 to 10.8382. No other eco values changed on spawn. They fear Heavy Metals - 40% (by dead tadpoles/live tadpoles calculation) is sufficient to discourage them. Phos/Potassium response unknown but can tolerate baseline.

Required By

Test of Darkest Night