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NOTE: This article is about the skill. See Cooking for Dummies to learn to cook. See the Cooking Guide for strategies on creating Cooking Recipes. See tale9/Cooking_Recipes for information on Tale 9 Base Pairs.

The cooking skill permits you to cook meals in a Kitchen that is equipped with an Iron Cookpot. Level 0 allows you to cook meals with one ingredient-pair. Each subsequent level allows for an additional pair, up to 7 pairs at level 6.

IMPORTANT: Please eat sink food before you eat any other meal to help preserve the potency of other ingredients.

For Tale 10, Good Eats has settled on Mutton and Oil as Sink Food. Both should be readily available to everyone. Ratio of ingredients does not matter as long as they are not equal, so e.g. 69 Mutton and 1 Oil is just fine for 10 servings of Sink Food. This pairing as the added benefit of giving +Dex, so it is fine/encouraged to eat as much as you want to drive up potency of other ingredients.


Cooking is a multi-level skill learned at the School of Worship.


Level 0

Level 1

Here's what you're looking for:

Common Rosemary
Common Sage

Level 2

Level 3

Note: This level of Cooking is required to be able to bag food from a Kitchen using the Preservation skill.

Level 4

Crimson Lettuce
Crumpled Leaf Basil
Dwarf Wild Lettuce
Crush the Stems Peel Back the Stem Base Gather the SeedPods Scrape off the Stem pith
Royal Rosemary
Wild Garlic
Trim the root Fibres Harvest the root Pith Remove The Tap root

Level 5

Level 6


Allows the construction of a Kitchen where, among other uses, you can make food to increase your base stats. You can eat from a Kitchen without having learned the Cooking skill, but the cooking skill is required to mix any recipes.

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