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Venerated Veterus Legacy, Oracle of Two

Initiate of House Hyksos
Associate, Can You Dig It
Member, Amigos
Member, Serenity
Elder, Crater Chaos
Elder, Fyre's Eye

Test Information and Progress

Test Progression
Initiate Student Prentice Journeyman Scribe Master Sage Oracle
Architecture X
Art X
Body X Oyster Cicada
Philosophy X Astro
Thought X
Worship X Vigil Mega



Art & Music:

The Human Body:
Test of the Oyster Catcher - 9/21/21
Test of the Singing Cicada - 11/15/21

Natural Philosophy:
Test of Astrological Alignment - 7/15/21


Vigils - 7/9/21
The Test of the Megalopolis - 9/22/21

Buildings Built:

Acro Moves:

Test of the Acrobat
Acro Move Learned
Asian Influence Acro7.png
Broad Jump Acro4.png
Cartwheels Acro7.png
Cat Stretch Acro7.png
Clapping Push-ups Acro7.png
Crunches Acro4.png
Front Tuck Acro1.png
Handplant Acro6.png
Handstand Acro6.png
Inverted Push-ups Acro5.png
Jump Split Acro4.png
Jumping Jacks Acro5.png
Kick-Up Acro7.png
Leg Stretch Acro2.png
Lunge Acro6.png
Pinwheel Acro7.png
Push-Ups Acro2.png
Rear Squat Acro3.png
Roundoff Acro4.png
Run in Place Acro7.png
Side Bends Acro7.png
Somersault Acro4.png
Spin Flip Acro5.png
Squat Thrust Acro6.png
Squats Acro6.png
Toe Touches Acro7.png
Wide Squat Acro3.png
Windmill Acro5.png

Useful Info


Oyster Necklace

Squirrel's Oyster Necklace

Tattoo Requirements

Herb List

Points of Interest

Balance of Goods


Citrus and Honey

Dowsing Map

Automato (aka Veggie Tales) and AutoHotKey Macros

Acro Partners

Cooking Recipes

Beehive Locations

Funerary Temple

Inspired Seed Reproduction

Reproduced Watermelon at 2303, -1098 with Cinnamon Herb Inspiration

Test of the Giving Fisherman

  • Squirrel given Kingfish / Dark Jungle Green scale / Tangy Kabosu citrus, liked the fish and color