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  1. 500 Concrete needed for each oven. Gravel time?
  2. Resins are easy to collect and stock up on. Check below for a link of what we are running low on. Almost 700 resin needed per oven!
  3. Beeswax!!! 280 bars plus various gears are needed for each oven. ALOE has about 100 hives that can be checked if you don't have your own. Ask Oaxani for locations.
  4. Spoiled Milk is needed to keep Kelistra's piggies happy so they find us more holes!
  5. We're good on clay bricks at the moment, but keep offlining that clay for when we need to pound out some more bricks!

Donation Warehouse at ALOE Compounds is located at 1288, 7309. Resin Warehouse is right next to it.

In Stock at ALOE Compounds (Housed in different warehouses due to space restrictions.)

In Stock at Kelistra's

Resins In Stock at ALOE Compounds