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Clay Steeped Wool Cloth

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Clay Steeped Wool Cloth
Clay Steeped Wool Cloth
Weight 1
Bulk 1


Made in a tub (either a Basic Tub or a Sturdy Tub or a Marble Tub). The steeping process takes 4 minutes. When it finishes, you will receive a notification in Main along with a flyaway message. Needs Pottery 3 (Skill) and Clothwork 2 (Skill) to make this.



Building Count Verified
Technology/Casting/1 2 ?

Research and Tuition

Required By

Blacksmithing, Blacksmithing 1, Casting, Master's Casting Box, Raeli Oven, Raeli Pottery, Recycling Smeltery, Steam Kiln, Student's Casting Box, Technology/Casting/1, Temporary Pyrotechnics Stadium Application

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