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Aromatic Honey

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Aromatic Honey
Aromatic Honey
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You can only gather aromatic honey from an Indonesian Beehive while its tree is grown. Two trees within range (tested to be within 20 coordinates) will be randomly chosen to flavor the honey.

  • Indonesian Bee Hives produce one Aromatic Honey about every 12 real life hours.
    • Up to a maximum of 5 honey can be built up before it will need to be gathered so that more can be produced.
  • If there is only one species of tree within 20 coordinates, the hive will produce "bland, ordinary honey".
  • If there are only two types of tree within that range, the honey will always include the flavors of both those trees.

Otherwise, the flavor of the honey may or may not include the flavor produced by the tree growing at that hive. Mulching a tree prevents the honey from being gathered until the tree regrows, but does not reduce the volume of honey produced.

For example:

  • A Sweet Orange tree and a Greenish Lime tree would produce Lime-Orange Honey in the nearby Indonesian Beehives if those were the only trees nearby.
  • A Sweet Orange and a Tangy Orange would produce normal, unflavored honey since they are both the same base fruit type.
  • A grove full of different varieties of Orange, but with one Grapefruit tree, will produce Grapefruit-Orange honey at all its hives until either the grapefruit tree is mulched or a third species of tree is in range.
  • Honey is an alphabetical combination of two different base types of fruit (and not the adjectives).
  • There are 26 base fruits, which leads to 325 different combinations of honey flavors.

Aromatic Honey is an alphabetical combination of two different base types of fruit (and not the adjectives). Therefore, there are 78 varieties of honey possible. Examples: Lime-Orange, Coralfruit-Lenat, Lemon-Lime.


Aromatic Honey is expected to be used to make Ambrosias for the Test of Festivals

Required By

Ambrosia Brewing

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