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Wild beetles can be found just about anywhere—along roads, on hills, grass, and every other kind of terrain. They seem to appear randomly. They wander around a bit, but not very far or fast. Burrowing, Plains and Speckled are the types of wild beetles.

You can keep beetles in your inventory indefinitely (where they are 1 weight and 1 bulk), but they cannot be stashed in a chest. The only buildings that can store beetles are:

  • a Khefre's Locker, which holds 50 beetles. Beetles stored here do not eat, but neither will they reproduce.
  • a Beetle Terrarium, where you can view your beetles and they will breed, but they must be kept fed with cabbage. There is no set capacity to a Beetle Terrarium, but beetles will begin escaping if the population gets above 15 or so.

No special skill is required to collect and carry beetles.

Breeding Beetles

Beetles caught in the wild, the Burrowing, Speckled, and Plains varieties, are not particularly colorful or interesting to look at. But do not be fooled—locked within beetle DNA is the potential for a dazzling array of hues and patterns. The Test of Khefre's Children is all about selectively breeding beetles in order to bring these designs to light. Doing so requires a Beetle Terrarium (which in turn requires Entomology tech), a good supply of cabbage, and at least one male and female beetle.

See the Beetle Breeding Guide for details about the care, feeding, and genetics of beetles.

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Burrowing Found in desert area

(image taken out of its natural habitat ie my compound)

Burrowing Beetle.JPG


Plains Found in grassy areas

(image taken in its natural habitat)

Plains Beetle.jpg


Speckled Found near the shores

(image taken in its natural habitat)

Freckled Beetle.jpg