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Khefre's Locker

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Khefre's Locker
Khefre's Locker
7 x 7
Cost to Build
Boards 50
Bricks 100
Slate 20

A Khefre's Locker is a container for storing beetles, as beetles cannot be stashed in an ordinary container like a Box or Chest.


This building becomes available after you have started the Test of Khefre's Children at a University of Natural Philosophy. Building this also requires a Paid Account (Trial accounts cannot construct this item)


Built in a Compound Uses 7x7 cells.


Storage for up to 50 Beetles.

  • Unlike in a Beetle Terrarium, beetles in a Khefre's Locker do not eat Cabbage and do not breed. This is the only way (aside from carrying them around in your inventory) to store beetles indefinitely.
  • Each player may only have one locker at a time. (You may tear it down and rebuild, if needed.)
  • The Mulch Beetle into Khefre's Essence option lets you select one or all beetles inside to mulch (kill). Mulching 500 beetles cumulatively in a locker will produce one Khefre's Essence.