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Bone Knapping

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Bone Knapping
(Skill - Architecture)
Learned From

School of Architecture

Animal Bones 7

Allows the creation of Bone Blades using your Skills/Blades menu.


  • Bones must be in your inventory to see the option to make bone blades.

Blade Fabrication

Various knife blades can be made. You must be at the correct level and have completed all 7 levels of proficiency for the previous blade type before you can learn the next level.

Blade types and Carving Skill are not the same. Blade Skill allows the crafting of particular types of knives. Carving Skill allows the whittling of various objects. The kinds of objects you can make with Carving Skill maybe be dependent on the type of blade you wield.

Bone blades can also be made from Animal Bones.

Blade Skills
Category Level Type of Blade Tuition
1 0 Slate Blade N/A
2 3 Flint Blade 7 Flint
3 7 Bone Blade 7 Animal Bones
Other Blade Types
Blade Types Sources
Sharp Edged Blade Blacksmithing or Fishing
Jagged Blade Blacksmithing or Fishing
Twice Folded Blade Blacksmithing or Fishing