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T9 Carving

(Skill - The Human Body)
Learned From

School of The Human Body

Wood 100

Carving is a multi-level self-taught skill. In order to Carve an object, you must have a Knife equipped. Higher levels of Carving allow construction of higher level blades and carving additional items and will decrease the focus timer incurred when performing carving tasks.


Level XP Needed to advance Unlocks
1 40
2 80
3 180
4 1700
5 28,000
6 320,000


Action XP Value
Carve a Long Sharp Stick 1
Carve Leather into Rawhide Strips 1
Carve a Sharpened Stick 1
Carve Wood into Tinder 1
Assemble a Stone Knife 1
Carve a Crudely Carved Handle 5
Carve a Personal Chit 5
Carve a Wooden Peg 5
Assemble a Flint Knife 5
Carve a Barrel Tap 10
Carve a Wooden Pestle 10
Carve a Large Crude Handle 10
Assemble a Bone Knife 15
Carve a Quill 20
Carve a Bottle Stopper 100
Carve a Cotter Pin 100
Carve a Intricately Carved Handle 100
Carve an Empty Tackle Block 1000
Carve a Wooden Cog 1000

Carving is a multi-level skill taught at the School of Body.

This system is actively under development and refinement. As such, some options or functions may not currently be in working order.

T8 Carving and Knife System Change

In July 2018, an entirely new carving and knife system was introduced, replacing the previous system. Knives have new names and capabilities and some knives can be sharpened.

Old, pre-system-change Knives are still usable. Un-assembled Iron Knife Blades currently can not be made into anything - a fix for this is still being worked out.

Old Flint Knives (previously First Degree) have changed names to the new First Degree "Stone Knives". Other old knives have had "Old" added to the name. IE: "Old Glass Knife".


Knives must now be equipped (or "wielded") for use.


Equipping a knife will remove it from your inventory and place it in your hand (silly graphic included), freeing up inventory space. The menu option to unequip the knife returns the tool to your inventory.

Examine Knife

You can check the durability and usability of any knife. The option will open a listing of knives in your inventory.

  • Self->Skills->Carving->Examine Knife

A knife that is wielded is removed from your inventory, and can be examined through

  • Self->Skills->Carving->Examine Wielded Knife

A knife in good condition will display a message similar to:

  • This knife is capable of performing Advanced tasks.

Other messages have included:

  • This knife is only capable of performing Intermediate tasks. It is close to being worn out.
  • This knife is only capable of performing Basic tasks. It is almost completely worn out.

These descriptors match what is seen in a player's carving menu. After each item that can be carved, the required knife durability is listed in parenthesis. Slaughtering of cows and pigs can fail, even if the knife is still capable of performing Advanced tasks. The task difficulty listed only seems to apply to carving wood.

Knife Types

Knife Abilities

Carving tasks seem to be divided into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Knives able to slaughter will eventually become too dull to kill. These knives can be used to carve wood and leather until they disintegrate. For example, a bone knife which is too dull to slaughter a cow can still be used to make 9 Barrel Taps.

Durability and Sharpening

In the old system, each carved item had both a carving skill level and minimum blade level requirement. Under the new system all items within one's carving ability can be made with any knife provided the knife is still sharp enough. As in the old system, knives have a limited number of uses before they wear out and become unusable. Higher level knives are more durable and can survive more use before wearing out or becoming dull.

The Stone Knife, Flint Knife and Bone Knife will simply break and disappear from the player's inventory when they wear out. However, the Utility Knife, Paring Knife and Butcher Knife will become dull, and can be sharpened to become usable again. Sharpening is currently free, but will eventually have a cost associated with it. Sharpening does not restore all of a knife's durability, only a large portion of it, and presumably knives will become unusably dull after too many sharpenings, though with a good-quality blade, this may take considerable time.

To sharpen a dull knife, navigate to the following menu (not visible unless you have a knife in your inventory, not wielded, which is possible to sharpen):


All knives of Utility grade or higher can be sharpened, regardless of whether the blade used to create the knife was acquired from a cache or created by a player.

When carrying multiples of the same knife, the knives at the bottom of the list are the sharpest. You can choose to equip the duller knives listed first, for carving wood and leather and save the sharper ones for slaughtering cattle and pigs.


A toolbelt to allow you to carry various tools, though not yet implemented, will eventually be craftable. The option to wield one is there, under

:Self->Equipment->Equip Waist

Carving Skill

Carving is a multi-level skill taught at the School of Body.

Higher levels of Carving allow construction of higher level blades and carving additional items and will decrease the focus timer incurred when performing carving tasks.

Degrees of the Carving skill are now available at different player levels than before. The new levels required to learn each degree of the skill and the tuition costs are as follows:

Degree Level Cost Additional Skill
25 Cut up Vegetables for cooking
Sixth 33
Seventh 41 [listed as unlocked, but not currently available to learn]

Other skills needed for making knives

  1. Knapping learned in Tasks/New Beginnings
  2. Flint Knapping learned at School of Architecture for 7 Flint. Also requires Knapping level 2
  3. Bone Knapping learned at School of Architecture for 7 Animal Bones. Also requires Knapping level 5.