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Cactus Sap

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Cactus Sap
Cactus Sap
Weight 1
Bulk 1

Cactus sap is a substance produced by Royal Cactus plants. The cactus must be injured (punctured) by a passerby, after which it will start producing sap which can then be gathered.


  • Collected from injured Royal Cactus plants.
  • Once the plant has been injured it will begin to accumulate Cactus Sap and a 'Collect the sap and Injure the Cactus' button will appear.
  • If the cactus was previously injured, up to 3 sap drops will have collected, at a rate of 1 drop per minute.
  • You must click repeatedly to collect all the sap. Each time only 1 of the sap drops will be collected.
  • When all sap has been gathered, only the 'Injure the Cactus' button will remain.


Research and Tuition

Required By

Acoustics Laboratory, Aromatics, Crystal Acoustics, Dowsing, Fishing Lure/Glazed, Metal Treatment, Skill/Arthropodology/0, Skill/Ecology#buildcost, Skill/Ecology/4, Technology/Dowsing/1, Test of the Bedouin, Treated Metal

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