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(Skill - The Human Body)


Level Requirements Unlocks

Level 0

  • Allows testing for Heavy Metal using Tadpoles
Level 1

  • Allows testing for Soil acidity using Cabbage Juice
Level 2

  • Allows testing for ground water level using Dried Flax
Level 3

  • Allows testing for phosphorus level using Buttermilk and Dirt
Level 4

  • Allows testing for soot level using Papyrus Paper and Cactus Sap
Level 5

  • Allows testing for nitrogen level using a Golden Asp and Charcoal, Allows testing for potassium level using Sulphurous Water and Charcoal
Level 6

  • Allows testing for salinity using Salt Water and Copper Wire
Level 7

  • Use an Ecology Survey Kit to test the impact of certain plants


There are two ways to use the Ecology skills:

  • Single point sample tests
  • Ecology Survey Kits.

Ecology factors can be adjusted by hand-planting vegetables: https://atitd.wiki/tale10/Vegetable

Single Point Tests

Degree Test for Using Baseline Notes
First Heavy metal pollution 1+ Tadpoles 0% The more tadpoles die, the more heavy metals there are in the soil.
If more tadpoles are used, the reading becomes more precise.
Second Soil acidity 1 Cabbage Juice 7.0000 Standard pH scale. (Below 7 is acidic. Above 7 is alkaline.)
Third Ground water level 1 Dried Flax 50%
Fourth Phosphorus level 1 Buttermilk , 1 Dirt 25%
Fifth Soot level 1 Papyrus Paper , 1 Cactus Sap 0%
Sixth - A Nitrogen Level 1 Horned Hookworm , 2 Charcoal 25%
Sixth - B Potassium Level 1 Sulphurous Water , 2 Charcoal 25%
Seventh Salinity 1 Salt Water , 1 Copper Wire 0%

Ecology Survey Kits

Ecology Survey Kits are made on a chemistry lab, requiring Ecology 6 (Skill). Five kits are made at a time.

  • Select the Ecology type you want and see a colored grid for 2 minutes.
  • Colors on 500' x 500' grid represent levels.


Affecting Ecology

Ecology effects cover a radius of roughly 60 co-ords from the point where the player is standing when the action is complete.

Material Increases Decreases Required Action
Sulphurous Water Ground Water +0.0153/jug pH -0.002/jug Empty Jugs
Salt Water pH +0.002/jug, Ground Water +0.0153/jug Empty Jugs
Jugs of Water Ground Water +0.0153/jug ? Empty Jugs

Each action has a small chance (maybe 5-10%) of having it's effect, calculated separately for each factor it might modify. When a stack of items is used, it will apply either the full stack or nothing - emptying 100 jugs of salt water at once could change the pH by +0.2, or the ground water by +1.53, or both or neither, but it wouldn't raise the pH by only 0.1.