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(Skill - The Human Body)


Level Requirements Unlocks

Level 0

  • Allows testing for Heavy Metal using Tadpoles
Level 1

  • Allows testing for Soil acidity using Cabbage Juice
Level 2

  • Allows testing for ground water level using Dried Flax
Level 3

  • Allows testing for phosphorus level using Buttermilk and Dirt
Level 4

  • Allows testing for soot level using Papyrus Paper and Cactus Sap
Level 5

  • Allows testing for nitrogen level using a Golden Asp and Charcoal, Allows testing for potassium level using Sulphurous Water and Charcoal
Level 6

  • Allows testing for salinity using Salt Water and Copper Wire
Level 7


There are two ways to use the Ecology skills: Single point sample tests, and Ecology Survey Kits.

Single Point Tests

Degree Test for Using Baseline Notes
First Heavy metal pollution Tadpoles 0% The more tadpoles die, the more heavy metals there are in the soil.
If more tadpoles are used, the reading becomes more precise.
Second Soil acidity 1 Cabbage Juice 7.0000 Standard pH scale. (Below 7 is acidic. Above 7 is alkaline.)
Third Ground water level 1 Dried Flax 50%
Fourth Phosphorus level 2 Buttermilk, 1 Dirt 25%
Fifth Soot level 1 Papyrus Paper, 1 Cactus Sap 0%
Sixth - A Nitrogen Level 1 Horned Hookworm, 2 Charcoal 25%
Sixth - B Potassium Level 1 Sulphurous Water, 2 Charcoal 25%
Seventh Salinity 1 Salt Water, 1 Copper Wire 0%

Ecology Survey Kits

This is a new feature that allows visualizing ecology over a large area, rather than a single point.

  • Ecology Survey Kits are made on a chemistry lab (requires Ecology Level 6). Five kits are made at a time.
 Items needed for 5 kits:
  Cactus Sap 10
  Charcoal 10
  Sulfurous Water 2
  Dried Flax 10
  Copper wire 10
  Cabbage Juice 4
  Buttermilk 10
  Salt Water 4
  Boards 10
  Glass Jars 5
  • Select the Ecology type you want and see a colored grid for 2 minutes.
  • Colors on 500' x 500' grid represent levels.
  • The results have been described as a "heat map" style.

Influence Ecology Layers

There are several way that ecology layers change, like mushrooms and certain buildings. Malard said that ecology got revamped in T10, and now the sweeper can also alter ecology layers when collecting items. From discord in #general it appears that:

  • Ice blocks that melt on the ground increase groundwater
  • Limestone will adjust pH level
  • Charcoal moves the soot
  • there are 4 items that will warp potassium
  • Strange slag does influence ecology layers as well
  • Growing Garlic seems to increase pH
  • 40 saltpeter -> sweeper -> nitrogen 25.051 -> 25.510, needs more testing, after more testing was liking a confound
  • 100 dung -> sweeper -> no change in nitrogen (1 test)