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Test of the Bedouin

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The Test of the Bedouin
The Test of the Bedouin
(Test - The Human Body)

To enhance your abilties, train by seeking out distant altars. The fastest explorers will be able to find the most remote altars. Be among the best explorers on seven separate (RL) days, and you will pass the Test.

Test Description

The Test of the Bedouin is a special award given to those that prove themselves the best explorers of our land. When you visit an altar, anoint it with a drop of Cactus Sap. The longer that altar remains unanointed by others, the better. Every 24 hours, the best explorers will receive an advancement in the Test of the Bedouin.


Task/Test of the Bedouin

Additional Information

The Test of the Bedouin is a test in the discipline of the Human Body. The test focuses on discovering Common Altars and anointing them with Cactus Sap, in competition with other players. Player-built altars cannot be anointed for the Test of the Bedouin.

Passing the test of the Bedouin grants a new ability, Speed of the Bedouin.

Progression and Passing the Test

Advances occur once every 24 real hours at 4:21AM UTC (Note this time seems to drift 2 minutes later each day). Those who advance will receive a pop-up notification saying "You have placed in the top 3 Bedouin. You have done this X time(s)." if online. If offline, you will receive a message in your notifications.

Those who do not advance do not receive any notification of any kind.

Each time you are placed in the top 3, you receive a Talent Point.

To pass the test you must receive 7 of these notifications.

Altar Queue

There are 3 players per altar and they are removed in FIFO (first in, first out) order.

ON -> 3 / 2 / 1 -> OFF

Altar Tap Progression

A taps altar first == null / null / A
B now taps the altar == null / B / A
C now taps the altar == C / B / A

The next person to tap the altar will push A off

D taps the altar ==  D / C / B 
E taps the altar ==  E / D / C

The only method for removing a player in position 1 is to tap the altar. This advances the other 2 players. The only method of removing all players from an altar is to push 3 new players on.

The only way to stop getting advances is to have other players tap enough altars so that

  1. you are pushed off a given altar
  2. you are pushed off enough altars so you no longer are in the top 2

There is no mechanism to withdraw from an altar or gaining advances after passing the test.

For more details see Wikipedia entry FIFO (computing and electronics)

Pass History

Documenting historical passes of the Bedouin since data higher on the page isn't correct

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