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Camp Site

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Camp Site
Camp Site
Complete Head for Pastures New
Cost to Build
Free 0

On Welcome to Egypt Island, you build a wagon and head off to Egypt proper. When you get there, you can deploy your Camp Site, which includes the things you packed on the island, and more.


  • Contains some initial resources
  • Request additional Flax Seeds (can be any basic type)
  • Decoration
    • Adding Medium Stones will change the appearance of the campsite.
      • You can add a maximum of 14 stones.
    • ?The campfire can be lit or put out, as desired.
    • For players who have purchased a full telling subscription for Tale 10, successfully praying for fire is an early step in the Treasure task list series.
  • DPRA - If your account becomes unpaid, your possessions within 50 coords will be packed into the cart and stored for you there. Also included are the materials needed to rebuild everything.
    • This declutters the world, while ensuring you don't lose everything if you take a break.


  • Storage Tent: Completing the Crafting Makes Perfect task provides the option to upgrade the camp site with a free tent which allows its owner to store up to 50,000 bulk of items. This upgrade may be linked to reaching Compound Construction level 3, which also has very similar requirements.

  • Install Brasiers: Adds two torches to the campsite
This is a before photo of the campsite, about to be upgraded with brasiers, showing the menu tree and area surrounding the campsite for context and comparison.
Camp Site with Storage Tent prior to brasier upgrade
This is a before photo of the campsite, immediately following upgrade with brasiers. Brasier upgrade adds two standing torches to your campsite, roughly in line with the ends of the benches, across the campfire from the tent.
Camp Site with Storage Tent after brasier upgrade