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Crafting Makes Perfect

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Crafting Makes Perfect
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The Crafting Makes Perfect task is started upon completion of the Home Sweet Home task.

The task requires the player to:


Upon completing the task, the player's Camp Site gains the option to upgrade it with a storage tent allowing storage of items up to 50,000 bulk in total.


If the camp upgrade is not available once the task list is finished, do one more item from the list to trigger it. Planing a board or making one more set of bricks should do it.

The ability to upgrade the campsite with a tent may instead be linked to the player advancing to Compound Construction level 3, which has similar requirements to Crafting Makes Perfect. In T10, a player who could not upgrade their campsite attempted to craft another board, which did not provide the upgrade. When they crafted another set of bricks, they received a notification about reaching Compound Construction level 3, and gained the ability to upgrade their camp.