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Head for Pastures New

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Head for Pastures New
Related Tasks

The Solid Progress task is started upon completion of the New Beginnings task.

The task requires the player to:

  • Build a Cart
  • Tear down your Small Distaff for resources
  • Load your Cart with materials for the journey ahead
  • Depart for your new journey


Upon completing the entire task, the player will have earned the right to enter Egypt (citizenship) and is prompted to choose a house. The player's choice will determine their starting location within Egypt.

Also upon completing the task, the player is awarded 1 Talent Point, the Compound Construction skill is learned, and the Laborer specialization is unlocked and granted for free. The remaining action icons, Gather Clay, Gather Dirt, Gather Limestone, and Gather Water, are also unlocked upon completion.

Completion of this task begins the Home Sweet Home task.


You will need a total of 7 Rope, 2 to build the Cart and 5 to load into the cart.

You will not be able to tear down your Small Distaff until you have made all the rope you will need and loaded it into the Cart. To tear down your Small Distaff, after loading the Cart with the 5 rope, and unload the Small Distaff of any materials then click Utility > Tear down this building.

Any materials still in the Small Distaff when you tear it down will appear on the floor with the original materials used to build the Small Distaff.

It is not possible to use a Cart built by another player to leave Passage to Egypt island.