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Certificate Press

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Certificate Press
Certificate Press
9 x 5
Cost to Build
Boards 20
Gold Wire 40
Linen 5
Pinch Roller 2


To build this, the technology Printing is needed.


The Certificate Press can be used to print certificates, or to press Paper Pulp into Wet Paper (which can then be dried into Paper (Wood).

To switch between printing certificates and pressing paper, the plates used in the building must be changed. Certificates use a Certificate Plate, which is installed when the building is built. Paper needs an Aluminum Plate and a Deckle to be installed. The two plates can be switched back and forth but each time the plates are changed, 4 Bolts and 12 Washers are required. This process also needs the user to know Wood Paper Manufacture.

Note, before the plates can be changed, the building must be configured with a name for the Certificates, this is permanent and can never be changed after the initial configuration, but if the press is only being used to press paper then this certificate name is not used at all.

Changing the plates requires a Monkey Wrench

Making Wet Paper

First load the press with 1 Paper Pulp. Load the press with 20 Water. Press the paper, this starts a strength timer.

The Wet Paper must be removed from the press before another Paper Pulp is loaded.